Dialectical Behaviour Therapy - DBT

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DBT - What is it?

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy was originally developed for people who are experiencing intense pain in their lives, and often feel that life is not worth living. The central focus is on supporting people to develop a life worth living. It’s a focus on doing things differently.

You come to see your therapist, once a week for about 60 minutes. Group sessions are for about two hours, you share as much as you want to share, it’s about learning skills and applying them to your life. Then there’s phone coaching and family sessions.


Tangata whai ora*:

“It’s given me the confidence and skills to move to Auckland by myself and study what I wanted to do and it’s made me feel like I’m worth having a goal and having a life and I now have these skills that I can use every single day.”


“At first the DBT group was an intimidating idea, but once I went I felt this sense of belonging. The people in that room were dealing with that same things that I was or the dealing with the same things that my mum was. So that was good for both of us.”


*Tangata whai ora = in this context: adolescent service user