2019 Leveki National Pacific Fono

Monday, 16 September 2019

30 August 2019

Werry Workforce Whāraurau Pacific Cultural Advisor Maliaga Erick organised this year’s Leveki Fono – a national gathering of the Pacific Workforce. Reverend Lavasii opened and closed our day with lotu (a prayer) and a hymn that filled the room with beautiful harmonies.

The Leveki Fono gave an opportunity to hear, celebrate and to meet great Pacific leaders. 

“It is not often that you will see them all in one place. It was great to see many younger Pacific practitioners attending.”

The energy was high throughout the day and everyone loved the time management strategies of Maliaga and enjoyed the Pacific styles of MC Savea Eroni Clarke and the beautiful singing of the Vai family.

(photo: Savea Eroni Clarke & Maliaga Erick)

► View the Leveki Pacific Fono presentations


*The term “Leveki” is derived from the Niue language, meaning to guard, to care for, and to protect.  Leveki also means security, surety; and being a trustee. In the Niue culture, an individual appointed as Leveki must have the skills, knowledge and trust of the family to take on the role of caring for others, or to be the trustee of something important to the family.