Post Grad Certificate in ICAMH and Real Skills Plus – Enhancing the skills and knowledge of the workforce

Monday, 14 December 2020

This year student clinicians completing the University of Auckland Postgraduate Certificate in Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ICAMHS) completed the Real Skills Plus ICAMH/AOD competency assessment, before and after completing the course.

The RSP results showed the Certificate in ICAMH significantly enhanced clinicians’ knowledge and skills.

The University of Auckland offers a number of Postgraduate Courses in Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, from Certificate through Diploma to Masters.

The Certificate covers the fundamentals of ICAMH practice. It has been running for more than 20 years (since 1998) and over 500 student-clinicians from around Aotearoa have completed it, mostly those working in ICAMH services but also those working in Iwi & NGO services, primary youth mental health services, school nurses and guidance counsellors. Funding from Te Pou via Skills Matter is available to do the Certificate.

Real Skills Plus ICAMH/AOD ICAMH/AOD is a competency framework that describes the skills and knowledge necessary to work with infants, children and young people that may be experiencing mental health and/or alcohol and other drug concerns. 

Real Skills Plus online self-assessment enables individuals and teams to complete RSP assessment and receive a report identifying strengths (competencies they met) as well as areas for ongoing professional development.

►  View the Real Skills Plus online assessment


Below is a summary of the RSP results for the 2020 graduates of the Certificate.

21 student clinicians completed the online RSP Core level assessment when they started the PG Certificate in ICAMH and again on completing the course.

14 clinicians were from DHB and 7 from NGO services. They came from a variety of professional groups; nursing, social work, AOD practitioner and counselling.


Summary RSP Results by Domain

The blue in the graphs below shows the competencies met by the students in different domains and areas of practice before and after the completing the PG Certificate in ICAMH.

Domain: KNOWLEDGE engagement, assessment and intervention

The results show that students gained knowledge and skills across all the domains.


Areas of Practice: Infant, Child, Youth, Family, Leadership and Culture.

Again, the results show the clinicians gained skills and knowledge across all areas of practice.


The RSP results show the Certificate in ICAMH significantly enhanced clinicians’ knowledge and skills in infant, child, and youth mental health. Meeting the competencies in RSP shows that clinicians have the skills and knowledge necessary to work effectively alongside infant, children and young people and their whānau to support and enhance their wellbeing.


If you would like any information on the PG Courses in Infant, Child and Youth Mental Health please contact

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If you would like information or support with your service or students completing RSP please contact

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