SPHC: MH Awareness Week, Champions’ Forum 2018

Monday, 19 November 2018

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Dr Bronwyn Dunnachie, one of our Senior Advisors, spoke to Bay of Plenty DHB clinicians about SPHC for Mental Health Awareness Week. “It was an excellent opportunity to promote this mahi,” said Bronwyn. “In 2012 there was an international piece of research that showed if we introduce some very simple interventions, some strategies for parents, we can actually reduce the risk for their children by forty percent –

so it’s not rocket science why this work is important.” 

(View the video of the presentation (35:36)) 


The Supporting Parents Healthy Children (COPMIA) guideline was launched in 2015 in the Southern District by Dr John Crawshaw (Director of Mental Health and Addiction services).  Dr Crawshaw remains a key sponsor for this initiative in New Zealand, alongside co-existing problem (CEP) service delivery.

The guideline is underpinned by principles about connection between parents and children, whānau and community and services working together. It contains timelines with expectations of services for the implementation of ‘Essential Elements’*. 

Bronwyn said, “It was quite encouraging when we went through the ‘Essential Elements’ to see that many services had implemented many of them, but there are some with a way to go too.”

“It is a strengths-based approach that is about helping people working within services to feel much more confident and competent about having conversations with people coming into services who are parents about their role as parents.”

*A summary table of the Essential Elements is on page 28 of the SPHC Guideline: https://www.health.govt.nz/publication/supporting-parents-healthy-children


In the past few months several Supporting Parents Healthy Children (SPHC) and Single Session Family Consultation (SSFC) specific events have been enthusiastically attended by a range of health professionals, advisors and others for collaboration and information sharing.

Links to presentations are on our website:  View presentations


SPHC Champions’ Forum: 

The Champions’ Forum (5/10/18) offered a forum for sponsors, key stakeholders across sectors, those in governance roles, and practice champions to talk about the implementation and impact of SPHC in their own services.

Presentations can be viewed in the Events section of our SPHC website.

SSFC Trainers’ Hui:

The SSFC (Single Session Family Consultation) Trainers’ hui (4/10/18) gave an opportunity for the 25 trainers from across the country to share training and implementation ideas; with excellent and practical input and support offered by Dr Brendan O’Hanlon from the Bouverie Family Centre (Melbourne).  

It is very exciting to report that training is being offered across regions throughout New Zealand and in excess of 500 people have been trained to date, with supports being put into place to enable the model to be readily used in practice.  The feedback from trainees has included how well the model fits with Kaupapa service delivery, enabling structure and an outcomes-focus at whānau hui.