Active Youth Participation and Advice

A Toolkit for Developing, Recruiting and Supporting Youth Consumer Advice in Your Service

Many services want to develop best practise around involving young people as partners in service development and quality improvement, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Some questions that come up include:

“What kind of structure for youth advice will work for us (and the young person/people)?”

“Where can I advertise a role so that youth will see it?”

“What interview questions do we ask?”

“We’re employing someone with experience of mental illness – do we need to do anything differently to help keep them well?”

Using this toolkit

This toolkit aims to answer questions like these and provide template documents that services can use to make the process of seeking and implementing youth consumer input as straight forward as possible and in line with best practise. Information is broken down into short, easy to read leaflets on different aspects and stages of the implementation process for youth advice. These can be read or printed as needed, and you are welcome to amend any of the template documents for use in your service.

Toolkit resources

More information

Much of the information in the toolkit comes from the resource “Not Just Another Participation Model: Guidelines for Enabling Effective Consumer Participation in CAMH and AoD Services in New Zealand”. We also have a resource aimed at Youth Consumer Advisors new to their role called “What to do, How to do it and Everything In Between” which can be viewed online or ordered in hard copy by getting in touch. We are also able to work with services to support recruitment and mentoring of youth advisors, so please feel free to get in touch at or 09 923 4360.