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Included in this section are seminal and less recent articles on common mental health topics within the Journal Club section of our website. These have been kindly compiled by a large group of clinicians from New Zealand and will be regularly updated. It's easy to find articles - just click on the dropdown list below and choose a topic. Articles will be listed in order from most to least recent. The New This Month page lists a selection of fresh articles on a monthly basis.

Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to provide whole articles, but we shall include a link to the abstract and commentary for each of them. To access the rest of the article, you will need to either purchase the article via the linked site or use your institution’s (e.g. University of Otago) library search engine to obtain them without payment.

If you come across other articles that may be of interest to fellow clinicians or the public, please send these to us at [email protected] and we shall add them to the repository. Also, feel free to offer any suggestions on how we can improve this section.

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