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This section of the site will assist with how to implement and achieve fidelity to the CAPA model in detail. Here you will find Quality Improvement tools, Guidelines, Implementation tools and links to other fundamental foundation components.     

Please note content is regularly being uploaded. For further assistance please contact the CAPA project manager


Implementation tools:

It is recommended that teams assess service readiness for CAPA by using these tools to highlight strengths and challenges; this will assist with ensuring services can work towards achieving full implementation and fidelity to the CAPA model.

7 Helpful Habits (7HH) Assessment:

This tool has been developed to help review services using the 7 Helpful Habits Assessment to  determine how your team is doing with service delivery before and after CAPA implementation. The 7HH tool aims to stimulate discussion and ensure whole service involvement in the process of change and curiosity about the work you do.

Components Rating Scale (CRS):

This tool has been developed to support reviewing the alignment of your service with the Choice and Partnership Approach (CAPA) and the 11 key components. The CRS tool explores the extent to which your service has implemented each CAPA component, determining which components were in place before CAPA was formally introduced as well as looking at your service’s performance on each component. Each section allows teams to explore in greater detail, factors  that are impacting on fidelity to the CAPA model. It is recommended that teams continue to revisit this tool to ensure implementation and fidelity to the model continues to be achieved.

Service Snapshot Evaluation

The information your service provides through this snapshot will assist Werry Workforce Whāraurau to understand your current service demand and effectiveness.  This will enable us to offer targeted CAPA implementation support.

Are you considering becoming a CAPA service? 

For existing CAPA services: