LGBTQIA+ Resource page

Takatāpui: Part of the Whānau

Takatapui is a traditional Maori term meaning ‘intimate companion of the same sex.’ It has been reclaimed to embrace all Maori who identify with diverse genders and sexualities such as whakawahine, tangata ira tane, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer.


This resource is for takatāpui, their whānau and communities, sharing stories and information about identity, wellbeing and suicide prevention.

The resource was written by Elizabeth Kerekere and produced in partnership with Tīwhanawhana Trust. 

You can find the resource here.

Transgender people: health at the margins of society

A series of articles around transgender care in services. It also has a collection of resources on the subject outside the series. 

You can find the resource here.