CAPA Lunch and Learn Webinar: Organising Change & CAPA


Werry Workforce Whāraurau invites you to attend our second

CAPA Lunch and Learn Webinar: Organising Change & CAPA on Tuesday 15 September 2020



CAPA Lunch and Learn Webinars are a series of ePresentations that offer opportunities for services who are contemplating or have implemented the Choice and Partnership Approach to hear about Letting Go and the techniques around Change Management and CAPA.


Organising Change & CAPA

You may be wanting to implement CAPA into your organisation, this webinar will give you a starting point based on change evidence. What do you want and how do you get started?

Presenter: Wendy Donaldson, Te Pou 

Wendy is a researcher for Te Pou, who support the workforce, the community, and people with mental health issues, addiction issues and disability. Wendy’s involvement with implementation and change is an accumulation of graduate studies in public health, physical education, public policy, as a Pro-Sci change manager, and experience in a variety of roles in both the education and health sectors. 

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Note: These CAPA Lunch and Learn Webinars will be recorded, uploaded to our website and made available as resources to all. Links will be posted on our website and through our social media channels.


Tuesday 15 September 2020