Eating Disorders 101 – Essential Skills Workshop

Eating Disorders are likely to be encountered in all parts of the health care and education sectors. This workshop is aimed at those who want to understand more about the identification, assessment and treatment of eating disorders, and to gain skills to work with this group.

​This workshop will be suitable for those working in primary care, general health care, alcohol and drug sector, education,  NGOs, Child and Family services, and adult community mental health teams.   It would also be suitable for those new to specialist eating disorder teams.

Presenters:  Dr Roger Morgan, Jo Vallance, Rachel Lawson, Brigit Eder
The presenters are four senior and experienced clinicians from the South Island Eating Disorders Service (SIEDS). Clinicians from SIEDs regularly provide supervision, training and consultation about eating disorders around the South Island.
Dr Roger Morgan (Consultant Psychiatrist) will introduce the eating disorders, including discussing diagnosis, causes and brain changes.   He will also talk about males with eating disorders.  Finally, he will

talk about the medical risks associated with the eating disorders, and management of these risks.

Brigit Eder (Clinical Dietician) will discuss key information about food and weight that is essential for working with people with eating disorders.   This will include information on nutrition, meal plans, growth charts, refeeding syndrome and NG feeding.

Rachel Lawson (Clinical Head) and Jo Vallance (Senior Clinical Psychologist) will provide an overview of the evidenced based treatment for the eating disorders.  Case studies will then be used to illustrate aspects of these treatments.  This session includes didactic and interactive components with participants given the opportunity to practice some of the techniques described.

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Friday 5th and Saturday 6th April 2019
THE GRAND MERCURE HOTEL, 8 Customs Street East, 1010, Auckland, New Zealand