EMDR Training - Basic Training Part 1

The EMDR INSTITUTE authorised Basic Training, comprised of Part 1 and 2, is designed for appropriately qualified/registered mental health practitioners who treat clients in a clinical setting.

EMDR is a complex approach to psychotherapy that accelerates the treatment of a wide range of pathologies and self-esteem issues related to upsetting past traumatic events and present life conditions. This interactional, standardised approach has been empirically tested with patients evincing a considerable range of presenting complaints, including, loss of a loved one, rape, sexual molestation, Vietnam combat and natural disaster. As a therapeutic treatment model that has been developed with an understanding of human behaviour, EMDR addresses clinical issues relevant to behaviour in the social environment.

Please note: There is a requirement for 10 hours of additional consultation to be taken as 5 hours between Part 1 and Part 2 and 5 hours post attendance at Part 2.  Completion of Parts 1 & 2 and the 10 hours of additional consultation constitutes completed Basic Training in EMDR and eligibility for full membership of the EMDR New Zealand Association.


Monday 12 to Wednesday 14 August 2019
Venue information will be provided once registrations close
Phone number: 
09 923 8560

Nick Cocco, EMDR-Institute Trainer

Who Should Attend: 

Please note there are attendance criteria and fees attached to this training required by the Trainer.  Once you have registered your interest, you will be contacted regarding acceptance criteria and fee information.

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