ICAMH/AOD Sector Leaders' Day - 8 February 2017

This Sector Leaders' Day will give Clinical and Service Leads and Planning and Funding Managers of DHB ICAMHS / AoD and people in Senior Roles in ICAMH/AOD services across the DHB, NGO, Addictions and related Sectors an opportunity to:

  • Get up-to-date information from the Ministry of Health and national agencies
  • Share innovative practice and service development ideas
  • Foster networking and leadership support nationwide
  • Address their challenges

The Theme for the day is 'Transgender, Young People and Service Delivery’.  This meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for ALL ICAMH/AOD services across sectors to consider the partnerships and pathways required to provide effective service delivery to transgender young people.   Pre-reading/viewing for the day can be accessed via this link:


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Mental Health and Addiction Update
Manager Mental Health, Service Commissioning

Non-Binary Gender Perspective on Access to Health Services
Joe McDonald - Affinity Services


Transgender, young people and sevice delivery: A review of the literature, the complexities of the current and international guidelines and the choice of following the Callen-Lorde protocol and model of care
Arran Culver and colleagues - 3 DHB


Transgender Health Care, the role for mental health services
Tania Wilson and colleagues - Healthwest Youth Hub



Friday, 21st April 2017
Meetings on the Terrace, 152 The Terrace, Wellington
There is no cost for this workshop. Light refreshments will be served. Vegetarian options will be available.

To be confirmed

Who Should Attend: 

The day is open to both DHB and NGO service and clinical leaders; and planners and funders. This is an invitation only event.

Other Information: 

Please register online by 5pm on Friday 7th April 2017