Kaitiaki Ahurea II – Effective engagement in Māori communities

Kaitiaki Ahurea II

Kaitiaki Ahurea is an NZQA accredited Level 2 training course.

It offers the opportunity to improve effective engagement in Māori Communities, knowledge and leadership skills for people who are working with Māori communities.

This course is offered to everyone who has a specific interest in enhancing Māori Health outcomes.

The course includes the following:

  • Māori Cultural Principles; Cultural dimensions of illness and well-being;
  • Historical perspectives;
  • Māori perspectives of Health ;
  • New Zealand Public Health Policy;
  • New Zealand Health Frameworks;
  • Identifying Challenges
  • Key aspects in Health delivery to Māori communities.

Desired Learning Outcomes: 

To increase knowledge and understanding of health from a Māori Cultural context. To establish tools and skills to implement activities appropriate for Māori communities.

Time Commitment

Wānanga will involve two days for learning and a one day follow-up for assessments.

Professional Development Hours

  • 20 hours (including assessment);
  • Self-directed learning: 10 hours



Valerie Williams (Te Rau Ora Pouwhakahaere Workforce Innovation Training and Education) MN Masters Nursing (Mental Health Endorsement)

Sarah Kinred (Te Rau Ora Kaitiaki Mātauranga Māori, Te Hau Maia) PG Bicultural Professional Supervision; Grad Dip Te Reo Māori; Grad Dip Māori Leadership and Business; Dip Tertiary Teaching

Witeria (Witi) Ashby (Te Rau Ora Kaumātua)

Course Information -Valerie Williams: Email - [email protected]


Tracey Brown: Email - [email protected]

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Thursday - Friday 20-21 August 2020
Waiwhetu Marae
Phone number: 
04 4739591