Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk

‘Let’s Talk’ is a brief, easy to use, evidence-based approach that trains professionals to a structured approach to encourage discussion with parents/caregivers who experience mental illness/addiction regarding their parenting, wellbeing and development of their children. Divided into four modules, this package provides the clinician a practical tool to use with parents to explore strengths and vulnerabilities of each child in their whānau/family and possible ideas on how to strengthen strengths and address vulnerabilities. The approach views the parent as the expert on their own children. This stance empowers the parent to reflect on their parenting in the context of the mental illness/addiction they experience. ‘Let’s Talk’ aims to make this conversation a routine part of the alliance between parents and professionals where they can explore the wellbeing and development of children and how their parent's mental illness/addiction is understood by them.


Benefits, stance, mental health, addressing parental resistance, overview of process, developmental logs, strengths and vulnerabilities, empowering parents, readiness principles, and practitioner reflections.

Format: workshop

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Thursday 15 August 2019
Whanganui DHB