Lunchtime Learning - Emotional wellbeing resources for 13-17 yr olds

Werry Workforce Whāraurau are proud to be able to offer a series of online trainings.

These Lunchtime Learning events provide an opportunity 

for ongoing education and connection for the ICAMH, AOD, NGO and PHO sectors


Presenter: Sam Rodney-Hudson - Director of Programmes and Partnerships at Melon Health


About Sam

Sam Rodney-Hudson is a registered mental health nurse and works as the Director of Programmes and Partnerships as well as Mental Health Lead at Melon Health.  Sam has over 20 years experience in acute mental health settings and GP clinics. For the past 5 years, Sam has worked with the Melon team to develop digital self-management programmes, for emotional wellness and chronic conditions.

About Melon

Melon is a digital health company based in Wellington. Founded in 2012, Melon provides supported self-management programmes in the form of peer support, self-awareness and reflection, education and resources and coaching. Melon’s programmes are available through participating primary and secondary care providers. Melon created the Melon Manual specifically to support young people in Aotearoa. The manual has downloadable worksheets and images, alongside videos from a youth counsellor and personal stories from rangatahi.​

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Lunchtime Learning 17 September 2020. 12:00 to 13:00
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