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This Lunchtime Learning Zoom Webinar: Young people and gaming with Caleb Putt (BOPDHB)

 took place on Thursday 8 April 2021, 12pm - 1pm



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Presenter: Caleb Putt, Portfolio Manager for Mental Health and Addiction, BOPDHB

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Sorted Youth AOD Service have put together a range of youth friendly resources to help raise awareness for parents and professionals as well young people regarding how this issue can lead to ongoing problems and how to maintain balance. The following include:

Young people and gaming 

There are 2.81 billion gamers worldwide and the gaming sector makes more money than the film and music industries combined - FACT.

For something with such a massive global profile there is an equally large and growing number of confusing messages about the positive and negative aspects of this activity. Gaming is increasingly dominating the attention of our children and youth and is part of a significant shift in pop culture with broader reach than just gaming.

As youth professionals it is important for us to have some understanding of this phenomenon and how to navigate the potential hype that can accompany such shifts in youth culture. Equally, we need to be aware of what the risks are, when things can be a problem and what we can do about it when they are.

This presentation will provide a snapshot across these issues and hopefully get you interested in knowing more… 


Caleb Putt is a registered social worker who for the last 14 years has largely worked with youth and their families. He has worked in the Care and Protection sector, Disability sector, Youth Justice sector (in the UK) and for 8 years in Child & Adolescent Mental Health and Addiction - half of that as team leader for a Youth AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) Service.

Caleb's current role is as Portfolio Manager for Mental Health and Addiction for BOPDHB but it was in his previous role where he developed the practice in his team to be able to support young people and families who had concerns regarding their young person’s gaming. This included the development of information resources for families and young people as well as tools for youth workers to be able to engage young people about this issue.

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