Single Session Family Consultation

Single Session Family Consultation

‘Single Session Family Consultation’ (developed by the Bouverie Centre in Australia and enhanced by The Werry Centre, New Zealand) is a brief model to encourage family/whānau engagement and inclusion. Participants will gain confidence in how to conduct a Single Session Family Consultation. The focus of this workshop is on engaging with and attending to the needs of family/whānau members in service contexts where the primary client is usually an individual (eg. Adult Mental Health and AOD services). The workshop equips participants with skills in facilitating productive and efficient meetings with families that can be adapted to fit the context of the workplace and client group.


Particular attention to the process of negotiating with the client/consumer about how the family consultation will occur is encouraged to avoid jeopardizing the primary relationship between the client and the practitioner. Participants will practice these skills in a safe and supportive learning environment. Topics also include; how to put limits on topic discussion, helping the family/whānau to identify needs, and clarify how they could be involved in care and recovery.

Format: workshop

Pre-workshop e-learning module to be completed before attendance. (Contact facilitator Jo Heap for further details)

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Wednesday 20 November 2019
Whanganui DHB