South Island ICAMH / AOD Education Networking Forum 12 March 2020


Werry Workforce Whāraurau invite you to our online
South Island ICAMH/AOD Education and Networking Forum Recovery Model Reframe Wānanga
via Zoom 12 March 2020 (previously known as Southern Telepaeds)


The South Island ICAMH/AOD Zoom Forum provides the opportunity for education and sharing of innovations across the region.
Zoom enables you to join the forum from your own office. Please follow link below which you click to connect (similar to Skype). We can support you to use this technology if needed.

12 March 2020 - 9:30-11:00
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Welcome and introductions


Werry updates and the year ahead


Recovery Model Reframe Wānanga, Kelly Pope from Caroline Reid Family Support Service, Stepping Stone Trust 
‘Bringing wellbeing and mental health education to young people, in a learning context (rather than a service use context) and model the value of different experiences and expertise by having all courses and workshops co-delivered by experts by experience, and experts by profession’


Updates/innovations from the Southern Regions

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12 March 2020
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