South Island ICAMHS/AOD Forum

Direct dial 753427 or choose
‘Werry Workforce Wharaurau’ from your favourites
(Previously ‘The Werry Centre MR’)

Or attend one of the VC units below:
Christchurch:                 Telemedicine Room, Hillmorton Hospital
Dunedin:                         Room 9, 3rd Floor, Main Block, Wakari Hospital
Invercargill:                    Building 5, Level 2, Education Centre VC, Southland Hospital
Timaru:                           VC2 Education Timaru Hospital, Room 2, Learning Hub, Education Facility
Nelson:                           Interview Room 1, Braemar Campus, Nelson DHB
Blenheim/Wairau:        22 Queen Street, Marlborough Community Health Hub
West Coast:                   Community Services Room, West Coast District Health Board   

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Tuesday 20th November 2018
Direct dial 753427
Phone number: 
09 923 8560
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