Thriving Not Dying: Lessons learnt in the prevention of youth suicide - Rotorua

Advanced training providing an overview and in-depth analysis of the factors that contribute to the high rates of suicide in young people and what has been shown to be effective prevention and intervention strategies. Based on thirty years of working with suicidal young people, Barry will offer a critique of current suicide prevention initiatives. He will provide insights into the suicide narrative of young people as they have changed over the past thirty years as well as future trends we need to address now. An overview of the best practice clinical and support outcomes will be presented. 

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Non-Werry Workforce Whāraurau Event (the Werry Workforce Whāraurau does not endorse this event and takes no responsibility for the quality of the event)


Novotel Rotorua Lakeside, Tutanekai Street, Rotorua

Barry Taylor