Key Concepts in Attachment - eLearning - 7 May 2020

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Gill Graham is a Mental Health Nurse with extensive experience working in specialist mental health services throughout her career.  Gill has specialised in the maternal mental health area since 1998. Gill completed a Master’s Degree in 2008 in infant mental health, via the NSW Institute of Psychiatry. Gill’s current role is team manager for maternal and infant mental health teams in Waitemata DHB. 

This presentation focuses on key concepts underpinning attachment and includes a general overview of attachment, some information on assessment and on the impacts of attachment on development.

Presenter: Gill Graham, Waitemata DHB
Facilitator: Dr Bronwyn Dunnachie

► View ppt: Key Concepts for 'Attachment' by Gill Graham

► View video:  Key Concepts for 'Attachment'



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