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Mindful Minute Challenge

This booklet was created by Natalie Lanfear.

Natalie Lanfear is a 23 year old student who studies Sport and Exercise at Massey University.

Natalie is an avid advocate for raising mental health awareness.

In 2016 Natalie created a web series on her YouTube channel called “The Mindful Minute Challenge”. A month long web series that documented her journey of challenging her mental health and wellness.

This interactive resource booklet is the evolved version of this original challenge.

Download the booklet (.pdf)

Watch the videos

Natalie runs a YouTube channel where she talks openly about mental health awareness amongst other lifestyle related topics. 



Joshua Eyre is a young adult who feels like he has no idea what he is doing, which he probably doesn't. These stories are an extension of that. Each one is a choose-your-own-adventure, a story that makes to make a decision in an attempt to make you think about why you made it. He writes a lot in his spare time, from short stories to games to scripts, and even sometimes shares them with people. If you want to talk about these stories, you can email him at joshua.c.eyre@gmail.com

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Tu Ake Youth Academy Videos

Tu Ake Youth Academy aims to build youth resilience through storytelling. We use the academies stories to help end discrimination - Know me before you Judge Me #LMLM #Tuakeyouthacademy

Tū Ake Youth Academy aims to bring together Rangatahi from 15 through to 24 in Heretaunga [Hastings] & Ahuriri [Napier]. You can check out some videos from their Rangatahi talking about their experiences below. 


You can find them here.


You can find stories of people who have dealt with alcohol and other drugs here.


HeadMeds is a UK website about mental health medication for young people aged 13-25. They have lots of stories about youth who have been on different medication and how they felt about them. Check out one of the videos below or Check out more stories here.

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Do you have a project that you think will help the mental wellbeing of others? Get in touch, we might be able to help out and share it with others.